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  • Type of package: Drum
  • brand: KDA
  • series: The wedding DVD
  • manufacturing enterprise: Guangdong Yuedong magnetoelectric Co. Ltd.
  • Sales form: The whole box / barrel for sale
  • Color classification: DVD-R wedding 50 paperback a harmonious union lasting a hundred years (no barrels) DVD-R 50 barrels of Love knot wedding wedding DVD-R 50 piece of heaven and earth cover Love DVD-R 50 DVD barrel knot wedding wedding 50P DVD-R50 rose 50 barrels of bottled Rose Rose DVD+R50 DVD-R world cover bottled love pink wedding DVD-R 50 Lite (not bag / pen) A+ - happy wedding DVD-R 50 tablets (not bag / pen) western wedding DVD-R50 barrel
  • format: DVD-R
  • The number of tablets: 50
  • Read and write speed: 16X
  • Disk capacity: 4.7GB
  • diameter: 12cm