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  • brand: Alice/ Alice
  • Color classification: Six the thickness of the box 6 0.46MM picks a send send send 6 picks box 0.71MM box 0.81MM 6 paddle box 0.96MM 6 paddles to send 6 to send send paddles box 1.2MM box 1.5MM 6 picks six optional send paddles box thickness (note message box to send paddles) 0.46/0.71/0.81MM 4 0.46/0.71/ 8 0.81MM send tin send tin or optional six tablets each 1+ box +A206 folk strings or six optional each 1+ box of +AE535 electric strings or optional six 1+ box + hardcover copper string nail optional or six each 1+ box + six or the optional polishing wax wax cloth + 1+ box set of two or six optional each 1+ box + string replacement tool optional or six 1+ +GLEAM or six optional box footstool each 1+ box + force indicator or optional six 1+ +N7 Tuner Box + capo optional or six 1+ + kazoo wooden box